Friday, 10 February 2017

My creation for the following challenges:
Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge Blog 
 For these challenges, I created this canvas:
I used the following products: 
  • stencil and modeling paste;
  • plastic paint brush;
  • acrylic paints: ivory white, jaune naples, black, emerald green, sap green, light green, pink, crimson red;
  • metallic paints: sun explosion, pearl white, pearl wine red;
  • magic color brown;
  • pastes: pate lisee satinée: copper red and shopping pink; pate rugueuse brillante: light pink;
  • gesso;
  • moon's grains;
  • decor pink stones;
  • embellishments, made out of ceramic powder;
  • paper and cloth flowers;
  • beads,
  • faux green;
  • golden wire;
  • pieces of tulle cloth;
  • white school glue;
  • opaque protective spray.


  1. That's a lovely canvas! Great colour and texture!
    Thank you for entering your project at Rhedd’s Creative Spirit. Sammy-x

    And just a heads' up: Don't forget to link to your individual post, rather than your main blog page. it makes it easier to find, and you'll get more comments! :-) x

  2. Thank you for your kind words!
    I am learning how to use it, sorry I did not do it in the right way...

  3. Oh this is amazing - thanks for playing along with us at Berry71 xx

  4. The colours caught my eye and then the textures embraced me. Thank you for joining us at Rhedd's Creative Spirit this month.

  5. Love the canvas and all the beautiful textures and colours. Love your altered art. Thank you for joining us at Creative Artiste this month. Hope to see you back here again soon. Judy DT

  6. love the way u altered the brush..Thanks from Creative artiste mixed media blog for joining us this month.

  7. Lovely! Thank you for playing along with us over at SW xx


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