Monday, 30 January 2017

This is my creation, inspired by Our Mixed Media January mood's board:
To create it, I used:
  1. gesso;
  2. modeling paste;
  3. white, school glue (vinavil);
  4. pieces of embroidery lace;
  5. metal embellishments;
  6. wooden heart;
  7. recycled, steel, locker;
  8. embellishments, made out of, ceramic powder;
  9. paper flowers;
  10. two stencils;
  11. chipboard pieces (love);
  12. acrylic colours: black, bordeaux, crimson red, scarlett, vermilion, orange;
  13. metallic colours:  white gold;
  14. paste: copper red, sunset orange;
  15. multi-purpose, minerals, powder: american beauty (reddish rose);
  16. purpurine: red;
  17. crackle, nail enamel :black, vanilla, orange; 
  18. transparent, bright, acrylic enamel.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Dusty Attic - Jannuary 2017 Challenge
January 2017 Challenge
Mixed Media Place - Jannuary 2017 Challenge
 Mixed Media Layout, inspired by Dusty Attic and Mixed Media Place, Jannuary Challenges...
Step by step:
I applied some stucco, with a palette knife and a plastic brush...
Once dried (I used, the heat gun, in the whole process), I used this feather stencil...
Once dried, I used the stencil, shown in the photo...
I started colouring it and used: acrylic paints: compose blue, cobalt blue, ultra blue and phthalo blu; metallic blue...
I used, an acrylic stamp, with brown ink pad...
I glued down, everything, shown in the picture: metal embellishments; tiny stars; two different, micro pearls; white decor stones; pieces of two, different types, of cloth; a chipboard embellishment; wooden pieces, to place the picture, on it...
Once dried, I coloured everyhing, using: multi-purpose minerals powders (motown, pine, light blue, dark blue); pastes: satinée (sky blue and sea blue), rugeuse (sky blue); metallic white pearl and white gold...
I attached pieces, of white, tulle cloth (that I had previously, died with coffee) and cotton threads, (white, light blue, turquoise and dark blue); in order to, place the picture, among them...
I placed some, tulle cloth and cotton threads, around the picture and glued it down....
Then, I attached some plastic stars...
At last, I used some, acrylic stamps with brown, ink pad; some metallic, white pearl and white gold...

Monday, 23 January 2017

Jan 2017 Challenge

Creative Artiste Challenge Blog
Jan 2017 "Anything Mixed Media Goes"

Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge Blog

To enter these challenges, I created a layout, related to nature and moon bears...
The little stamp says: Enjoy Every Moment - Here & Now
I applied:
  •  modeling paste, whith a palette knife, througout the whole page;
I used: 
  • tim holtz stencil - collection - blossom THS031;
  • 5 different small acrylic stamps: background, birdies, leaves, saying;
  • small art stones;
  • decor stones;
  • pieces of cloth;
  • faux green grass;
  • black and brown, ink pad;
  • acrylic colours: merald green, green light, viridian and green;
  • multi-purpose, minerals powder, pine;
  • pastes: leaf green and merald green;
  • metallic, white gold;
  • black, embossing powder;
  • green purpurine;
  • gesso

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Creative Artiste Challenge Blog
Jannuary 2017
"Anything mixed media goes"
Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge Blog
I'm presenting my Ballet Shoes Canvas...
For this canvas I used:
  1. three different tipes of stencils;
  2. small stones, mixed with modeling paste;
  3. pieces of cloth;
  4. copper wire;
  5. music stamp;
  6. roses and central embellishment, made out of ceramic powder;
  7. Sandra Evertson's flame heart;
  8. a cameo of dancing women, made out of ceramic powder;
  9. more small stones;
  10. acrylic colours: yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber and naples yellow;
  11. metallic colours: gold and white gold;
  12. sunset orange paste;
  13. bright acrylic enamel...
More Mixed Media Challenge
5th Jannuary 2017
"Anything goes"optional blue

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Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge Blog

Creative Artiste Challenge Blog
Jannuary 2017
"Anything mixed media goes"


 This is my creation for these challenges:

I took a metal fly, that I had at home, and decided to alter it...
I used gears, that I made out of, ceramic powder; metal embellishments; sugar stones; metallic gold, metallic white gold, metallic cosmic violet, metallic blue; sky blue paste, sea blue paste, green emerald paste...

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mini Canvas
Challenge Contest Inspired by Sandra Evertson's "Red"
To create this mini canvas I used:
  1. some different pieces of a black lace;
  2. two different bronze chains;
  3. beads that, I had put together, in wire;
  4. small stones, to create texture; 
  5. diamond style beads;
  6. one bronze key, with some painted beads, in it;
  7. colours: black acrylic paint, dark red acrylic paint, sunset pink acrylic paint, gold acrylic paint, white gold acrylic paint, sunset orange paste, copper red paste, shopping pink paste (a light violet colour);
  8. bright transparent enamel...

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #32
Put a Stencil On It

This is my little creation for this challenge...
I used two different stencils; embellishments made out of, ceramic powder; micro pearls; one metal embellishment; cinnamon powder combined with yellow ochre, burnt sienna and burnt umber acrylic paints, in order to create, the rust effect; metallic paints...
Before painting it, it looked like this:

I glued all the embellishments, with white school glue... 

Monday, 2 January 2017

More than words Challenge January 2017

More than words Challenge
January 2017
Layout: Celebrate love

The word CELEBRATE, inspired me, to make this layout, to celebrate LOVE, so I used these gorgeous images, of a couple of birdies in love...
For the BLING part, I used: flat back pearls, rinhestones, flat back Crystal gems... I also used, gold embossing powder...


Sunday, 1 January 2017

Altered wooden ship

I have found, an old, plain wooden ship, in the flea market of my town...
I decided to alter it...
I used: metal embellishments; steampunk gears, made out of ceramic powder; school glue to attach them on the ship's surface...
I coloured it, using different pastes and metallic paints...