Saturday, 11 February 2017

Altered Glass Bottle
I altered this bottle, using metal embellishments, plastic flatpearls and microbeads; I used gesso; metallic paints: galaxy violet, dark blue, white gold, white pearl, green; acrylic paints: titanium white, black, compose blue, burnt umber, burnt sienna. In the end, I sprayed it, with bright, transparent enamel.
Mixed media wooden box
To create texture, I mixed some, modeling paste and decor stones; I added some embellishments, made out of, ceramic powder and some metal embellishments, as well... Added some, microbeads too. To colour it, I used some metallic paints and pastes.

Canvas ballet shoes
To create this canvas, I used modeling paste and stencil, on the corners; glued down the shoes, with white school glue (vinavil); I added, some decor stones, all around the shoes; I used, a butterfly chipboard, that I cut in two, one piece, for each shoe; two wooden butterflies; two metal flowers; in the inside part, I added, some flowers and birds; I used gesso, to prime everything; metallic paints: gold, pearl white, copper, wine red pearl, sunset rose, sun explosion red, light pink, green.