Saturday, 11 February 2017

Altered Glass Bottle
I altered this bottle, using metal embellishments, plastic flatpearls and microbeads; I used gesso; metallic paints: galaxy violet, dark blue, white gold, white pearl, green; acrylic paints: titanium white, black, compose blue, burnt umber, burnt sienna. In the end, I sprayed it, with bright, transparent enamel.
Mixed media wooden box
To create texture, I mixed some, modeling paste and decor stones; I added some embellishments, made out of, ceramic powder and some metal embellishments, as well... Added some, microbeads too. To colour it, I used some metallic paints and pastes.

Canvas ballet shoes
To create this canvas, I used modeling paste and stencil, on the corners; glued down the shoes, with white school glue (vinavil); I added, some decor stones, all around the shoes; I used, a butterfly chipboard, that I cut in two, one piece, for each shoe; two wooden butterflies; two metal flowers; in the inside part, I added, some flowers and birds; I used gesso, to prime everything; metallic paints: gold, pearl white, copper, wine red pearl, sunset rose, sun explosion red, light pink, green.

Friday, 10 February 2017

My creation for the following challenges:
Creative Artiste Mixed Media Challenge Blog 
 For these challenges, I created this canvas:
I used the following products: 
  • stencil and modeling paste;
  • plastic paint brush;
  • acrylic paints: ivory white, jaune naples, black, emerald green, sap green, light green, pink, crimson red;
  • metallic paints: sun explosion, pearl white, pearl wine red;
  • magic color brown;
  • pastes: pate lisee satinĂ©e: copper red and shopping pink; pate rugueuse brillante: light pink;
  • gesso;
  • moon's grains;
  • decor pink stones;
  • embellishments, made out of ceramic powder;
  • paper and cloth flowers;
  • beads,
  • faux green;
  • golden wire;
  • pieces of tulle cloth;
  • white school glue;
  • opaque protective spray.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

#52CafeCards Challenge Maremi's Creative Cafe
Cafe Card - number 4 - Dragonfly
Step by Step
Two coats of gesso
Stencil and modeling paste
Coloring with acrylic paints (sea blue and cadmio yellow)
Touch of gold on card
Making wings with skeleton Leaves
Glued down strass, with white school glue
Applied some, blue ink pad and purpurine, on the leaves