Saturday, 4 March 2017

Little piece created for finnabair's current challenge
This is how, I created it:
I took, a corset wooden piece, and created a design, with tiny pieces (leftovers), of emnbroidery lace, metal embellishments, broken jewelry, attached to the wooden surface, with white school glue...

For the colouring, I used some pastes (old silver, light pink, shopping pink, copper red) and metallic silver acrylic paint...

I attached, some pieces of cloth and chains, with fast drying glue...
In the upper part, I passed a chain, through a whole, in the wooden piece...
I covered the whole piece, with protective acrylic enamel...


  1. Had to come take a closer look. Gosh, the result really is stunning. Your techniques are too cool, the chains are perfect addition & liking the colours very much! Wish I could create such pieces. Kudos. C

  2. You are so sweet! I really,appreciate your lovely input! Thanks!

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