Monday 30 January 2017

This is my creation, inspired by Our Mixed Media January mood's board:
To create it, I used:
  1. gesso;
  2. modeling paste;
  3. white, school glue (vinavil);
  4. pieces of embroidery lace;
  5. metal embellishments;
  6. wooden heart;
  7. recycled, steel, locker;
  8. embellishments, made out of, ceramic powder;
  9. paper flowers;
  10. two stencils;
  11. chipboard pieces (love);
  12. acrylic colours: black, bordeaux, crimson red, scarlett, vermilion, orange;
  13. metallic colours:  white gold;
  14. paste: copper red, sunset orange;
  15. multi-purpose, minerals, powder: american beauty (reddish rose);
  16. purpurine: red;
  17. crackle, nail enamel :black, vanilla, orange; 
  18. transparent, bright, acrylic enamel.

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